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Gift Certificate & Session Packages Policy

Note about the gift certificate policy: Sales and specials often have special terms. These policies are general in nature only. The term Gift Certificate refers to all gift certificates, gift cards, etc.

All Gift Certificates: All gift certificates are non-refundable and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Gift certificates cannot be used the same day they are purchased.

Gift Certificates for a Dollar Amount: Gift certificates for dollar amounts (ie. a $100 spa gift certificate) for which you paid total price expire within six months They can be used towards any services or products at the spa, including gratuity. They cannot be used to purchase other gift certificates.

Gift Certificates for Something Specific (ie. Gift Certificate for a massage): Gift certificates for a service or product expire six months from the purchase date. This amount never expires.

Any service gift certificate expires in six months as explained above.


Gift certificates for a specific massage can only be used for that massage. If the recipient wants a different massage she or he can use the certificate for the value paid for it and apply that amount towards any massage she or he wishes.


The spa will automatically use gift certificates you purchase to pay for any services you receive in the event you do not pay for your services by another means.

When purchasing gift certificates online: Dollar amount gift certificates and most massage gift certificates can be instantly printed out by you or emailed to the recipient. If you buy a massage gift certificate that cannot be instantly printed we will normally email you the gift certificate within 24 hours.

Gratuity and Gift Certificate: Gift certificates do not include gratuity unless indicated on the gift certificate. We encourage guests to purchase gift certificates with gratuity included so many gift certificates do include it. Please see the wording on your gift certificate or call the spa if you have questions about whether a tip is included in a particular gift certificate.

Session Packages: Session Packages purchases expire six months from the date of purchase and are non-refundable. If you have any remaining sessions you can share a session with a loved one.Contact the spa to schedule the session.

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