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Hi Family, I'm Shanda Gadsden,

 I'm a License Massage Therapist/ Nurturing of the Mother Massage Instructor and  Resigned DONA Birthing Doula.  I feel passionate about supporting and empowering women throughout their pregnancy and birth. I specialized in pregnancy massage which lead me in becoming a birth doula. My goal is to support women through their journey and empowered them as they experience the amazing blessing of creating another human being. I am a native of New Jersey & Georgia ( Garden State Peach) I love traveling, and I’m very dedicated to my family and friends. I love to make others feel comfortable, safe, and important with my compassion and light heart personality. 

I graduated from Alabama A&M University in 1996, with a BA in Psychology and Early Child Development and earned my MA in Special Education from Cambridge College in 2009. My education and work experience with children with special needs lead me to massage therapy and doula.

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